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Refinishing your cabinets is an excellent way to improve the look and feel of your home at a much lower cost than new cabinets. We can refinish cabinets in any stain color you prefer. Additionally, we can refinish in a endless variety of paint colors or faux decorative finishes.

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Before and after refinishing

Before refinishing and adding new doors……


















After refinishing and adding new doors…….

















Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

We strip and sand the cabinets preparing them for the finish that will be applied. All the case work that is to be refinished is done in the home. The doors and drawers are removed and taken back to the shop for refinishing. We can refinish in any stain color using standard industry colors or we can create custom colors to suit the client. We also refinish cabinets in fine decorative paints or faux painted finishes.  

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

This option is much less expensive than replacing the entire cabinet system but gives the look and feel of brand new cabinets. We replace the old doors and drawer fronts with brand new ones. In choosing this route the client is able to choose a completely new style door and drawer front and apply the finish of their choosing. Again, this dramatically changes the entire appearance of the cabinets at a much more affordable cost than new cabinets.

Advantages of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing Include:

  • Home makeover that cost less and is completed quicker
  • Select the finish you desire either stained or painted
  • Variety of door styles, including raised panel or glass panel – from classic to contemporary
  • Painted finishes in colors add a fresh, vibrant look to existing cabinets
  • The work and process is handled by an experienced professional
  • We managed the project management, from start to finish